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Allana’s Outdoor training tips for Sydney’s City2Surf

Allana Ferguson is stepping it up a notch in the lead up to Sydney’s annual City2Surf event. Training outside allows Allana to breathe in fresh air, feel the sun and exercise with friends. Located on Sydney’s southern coast, Cronulla beach serves as Allana’s ideal outdoor training location.

“There’s nothing better than waking up with the sun, getting to the beach and exercising,” she said. “I’m always with my partner outside, we’re so fortunate with where we live.”

What is Allana’s number one training tip? Always keep pushing to improve your personal best: “Regardless of what your goal is you can start small and you just keep progressively increasing that to reach your final outcome.”

If you struggle to stay motivated, especially in the colder months, Allana suggests training with friends.  “What I love the most about training is the fact that I can do it with other people.” Allana’s favourite group training usually involves playing rugby league, coaching the local kids and running along the beach with friends.

Involving friends and family in your training routine will help you stay motivated and hold you accountable. City2Surf for Allana means that “Everyone comes together for that big event”. Here are some outdoor workout ideas for you to get your friends involved:

45 minute walk/jog - You can head to your local park, beach or even work!

Race your friends in hill sprints - Timing your sprints will encourage you to beat your previous scores and hopefully even your friends!

Circuit workouts in your local park - You could use a relay system with teams to push yourself further. You can also incorporate your favourite exercises to your circuit… burpees anyone?

Let us know what your training routine is in the comments!