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Sally Fitzgibbons 5 Fit Tips to Get You Over the Finish Line for Fun Run Season

Small steps = big wins
I love starting my morning with a quick run – being out and about in the early hours helps me clear my head, move my body and sets the momentum for the day. It doesn’t need to be a massive session that leaves you completely spent. 

If you’re building towards a distance that you haven’t run before, starting small is so important. Rather than a really long once a week that leaves you sore - or worse, injured - think about breaking up the distance into smaller runs every few days that leave you feeling like you could have kept going. Then harness that momentum into your next training session. You’ll end up putting in more miles over the week, and your body will be in better shape. Build up the distance by about 2km each week, and you’ll be there in no time!

Visualise your goal
When you’re out on your training runs, picture yourself running like you want to run on the day. Think about your breathing, your technique, all the elements you want to tie together on the day. Visualising success is the first step to achieving it! 

Stretch for success
Warming up is so important, especially in the winter months. Before any run I’ll spend 10 minutes doing some dynamic stretches to align my body, warm up my muscles and mobilise my joints.

Here are some of my favourite running warm-up exercises:

Don’t skimp on your cool down, either. Think about the session ending not at the end of your run, but at the end of your warm down. Staying on top of your stretch game is the key to avoiding injuries. Take note of any muscles that are feeling tight and give them some extra love, but here are some of the key areas you’ll want to stretch:

Calf stretch in downward dog (40 seconds alternating legs)


Hamstring stretch (30s each side)


Quad stretch (30s each side)


Hip flexor Stretch arm reaching (30s each side)


Glute pretzel stretch (30s each side)


Get race ready
The week before race day is your time to prepare your body. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, eating well, and winding back your training. You don’t need to carbo load like crazy unless you’re running a marathon, and it can leave you feeling sluggish. Listen to your body and stick to the foods that make you feel powerful. I love to fill up on colourful fruits and veg and good sources of protein like grilled fish or chicken.

Mind over matter!
On the day, the only thing that really matters is your determination to cross the finish line! Soak up all that buzz at the start line and channel your nervous energy into positive thoughts. Don’t think about your muscles being sore or tired, don’t think about people running faster or slower than you, don’t think about your blisters, focus on your race and your finish line. 


World #2 female surfer, Sally Fitzgibbons will be hosting a live fitness workout for 800 people as part of her All Australian Beach Body LIVE World Tour on Saturday, August 12, 2017.

Participants will be taken through one of Sally’s inspiring, fun, high energy workouts that features a mix of strength, functional, cardio and signature surf moves.

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Sally is currently ranked World #2 for women’s surfing. She has been a professional surfer for 12 years and was also the youngest surfer in history to qualify for the professional world tour. She has won 10 x on the WSL Tour and has finished second in the world championship 3 X .


Saturday August 12, 2017
CITYFIT Expo,  International Convention Centre in Sydney
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