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Sally's Favourite 15-minute workout to compliment running season

This is the perfect core and mobility set to stretch out your legs, release tension in the hips, and build strength in the glutes and core. 

Warm up – 3 minutes

Hamstring rainbows into speed skater – 1 min

Half squat reaching rotations – 30 sec alternating sides side

Lunge with thoracic twist – 1 min (30 seconds each side)

Caterpillar – 30 sec

Main set – 9 minutes

Squat Hold - 40 sec

Duck walk – 40 sec

Mountain Climbers - 40 sec

Up down plank with leg lift - 40 sec

Scissors Lateral - 40 sec

Bicycle - 40 sec

Rest 1 minute and repeat x3

Warm down – 3 min

Hip Flexor Stretch Arm Reaching – 1 min (30 seconds each side)

Hamstring Stretch Arm Reaching – 1 min (30 seconds each side)

Glute Stretch – 1 min (30 seconds each side)


World #2 female surfer, Sally Fitzgibbons will be hosting a live fitness workout for 800 people as part of her All Australian Beach Body LIVE World Tour on Saturday, August 12, 2017.

Participants will be taken through one of Sally’s inspiring, fun, high energy workouts that features a mix of strength, functional, cardio and signature surf moves.

The live workout marks the launch of her All Australian Beach Body Fitness App suitable for all ages and fitness levels. The app includes two 12-week programs; ‘FITZ’ the ultimate bodyweight training and ‘FITZ POWER’ with the perfect combination of weights, functional and speed training (release attached).

Sally is currently ranked World #2 for women’s surfing. She has been a professional surfer for 12 years and was also the youngest surfer in history to qualify for the professional world tour. She has won 10 x on the WSL Tour and has finished second in the world championship 3 X .


Saturday August 12, 2017
CITYFIT Expo,  International Convention Centre in Sydney
Check in at 9am for a 10am start
Book tickets here: https://www.allaustralianbeachbody.com/city2surf/