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How to Prepare For The City2Surf


There is now less than 3 weeks to go to the world’s largest fun run the City2Surf, which we are lucky enough to host in our very own backyard.

The run attracts over 70,000 runners and walkers each year, with a mix of all ages and abilities out there for many different reasons. Whether you’ve signed up to challenge yourself and beat a previous time, to enjoy the atmosphere and have some fun, to raises funds and awareness for a good cause, or to enjoy the morning with family and friends, the run really is something everyone can enjoy.

Signed up but haven’t done the training?

If you’ve signed up to the run but training hasn’t quite gone to plan, you still have time to improve your current fitness level but you have to be realistic with your expectations. It’s really important you still take a gradual approach, rather than overdoing it by trying to cram everything in and risking injury. Running can be quite demanding on the body so it does take time for your body to adapt to those demands. If you haven’t been doing much running, make sure you get some in over the next few weeks but break up your run days with other forms of exercise such as hiit sessions, cycling, swimming or walking.

For the more serious runners

If you’ve been training regularly for the event and following a plan, this week and next will be the peak of your training with both volume and intensity increasing. It’s important that you don’t overdo it now though and also balance it out with some static stretching and foam rolling after your runs to help prevent injury. You also need to make sure you’re getting the other components of rest and recovery right too, so ensuring you’re getting enough sleep, you’re eating nutritious foods and you’re staying hydrated.
The week of the race will see you start to taper, which is when you pull back your training. This allows your body to absorb and optimize your training, let your muscles repair themselves as well as mentally preparing you for the run. It’s important to still keep running during this period but you should be pulling back the duration and intensity of each run. If you’ve been doing speed sessions it’s fine to keep these up, just shorten your efforts and pull back the intensity a little. Also aim to add in an extra rest day in the second half of the week.


Many of you would have braved the cold over many early mornings and nights, so with now only a few weeks to go you want to keep your motivation at a high.
It’s really valuable to take some time out to consciously reflect back on how much you have improved since you started, all of the effort you’ve put in, as well as taking time to focus on why you set the City2Surf as a goal for yourself this year.

It’s incredible how much we can train our bodies and improve our health, fitness and wellbeing. The most amazing thing we often find when training groups for the run is that it not only improves their physical fitness, but helps them in many areas of their life, both mentally and physically.

We are still running free training sessions over the next few weeks, so if you’re looking for some extra motivation to get you to the start line, some technique tips or some more specific stretches, make sure you come along.

City2Surf Official Training Runs provided by JORG