Andrew ‘Reidy’ Reid, Bondi Rescue Lifeguard

Andrew ‘Reidy’ Reid, Bondi Rescue Lifeguard

Andrew ‘Reidy’ Reid is best known for saving lives on the hit TV series Bondi Rescue. But as well as being a lifeguard he is also a radio panel operator at 2GB, Sydney. On top of that Reidy has announced and emceed some of the biggest and best sports events Down Under and this year he brings his skills to our City 2 Surf start line to pump you all up and get you excited for your 14km journey from the city all the way to the surf at his beloved Bondi Beach.


You’ve done all the hard work, it’s time to enjoy the spoils of that and let your body repair its self; Taper Time (the week before the race). You're at the peak of fitness. It's no wonder you're desperate to go running. "Resist that temptation”!

Warm Up

This is so important to warm up pre race and my tip is dynamic stretching. Thats swinging the arms and the legs nice and easy then follow that up with some run throughs. Find somewhere you can run up and back, about 30-40 meters long. Do 10 of them starting at 20% (easy jog) for the first couple. Then build all the way up to a 100% sprint once the muscles are warm.

Negative Split

This means running the first half of the race slower than the second. Or "finishing strong" as some call it. You’d think this would be quite easy to do at the city 2 surf as the last 5km is mostly down hill but don’t be fooled. The first half has 3 very big hills and you’d be surprised how hard it is to run down hill on tired legs.

Have Fun

Dont forget to have fun! This isn’t the best fun run in the world for nothing. There’s a reason why 85,000 people take on this event every year and thats because its awesome. Embrace the energy of it all and smile when it hurts.