Tai Hara, actor

Tai Hara, actor

Tai Hara

Tai Hara is a well renowned actor to the Australian public primarily through his role on the iconic television series Home and Away. His character on the show, bad boy ‘Andy Barrett’, has been one of the series most popular actors for close to three years. Tai has also featured in the Steven Spielberg produced series Terra Nova, the television pilot Customs directed by Felix Williamson, and played the lead role in the feature film Reef and Beef. Tai is a versatile and dynamic performer who reached the finals of Dancing with the Stars as a celebrity contestant. Tai will be taking on the City2Surf for the first time in 2016 and is looking forward to the challenge!

Follow a plan

Regularly set yourself small goals to strive towards and plot out how you will achieve these. Don’t just pop out on a run but plan your route, and the time you would like to beat. Small victories are still victories and they can ensure you keep motivated.

Listen to your body

Resting is a necessary part of anyone’s training routine, it allows your body time to rebuild and recover. If you experience pain, take a rest and the ease back in to running.

Warm up & Cool Down

Make sure you stretch before starting out on your run, the last thing anyone needs is a set back like a pulled muscle, which can easily be avoided! By stretching post run you can minimize stiffness and ensure you can still walk the next day!