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Event Day Access and Inclusion

Entry Details

Any participants wishing to compete with an every day wheelchair must enter into the Back of the Pack - Orange Start Group. No day wheelchairs are permitted in any other start groups.

It is important to note that Race Wheelchairs are not permitted to be used in any start group, other than those Athletes who have qualified for the Elite Wheelchair Athlete division.

Course Map

Event course and toilets will be accessible to all participants. Please refer to the course map below.

course map.JPG

Getting There

Drop Off Point

Those requiring access to the Orange Back of the Pack start wave can be dropped off on Phillip Street between King Street and Martin Place where it is safe to do so and access the Orange start area on Macquarie Street via Martin Place. Please refer to map below.

NEW accessibility map.jpg

Public Transport


 The closest accessible stations to the Orange wave start area on Macquarie St are St James, Martin Place and Town Hall.

  • From St James, take the lift to the Elizabeth St exit then travel along St James Rd to reach Macquarie St.

  • From Martin Place, take the lift to Macquarie St then travel south towards St James Rd.

  • From Town Hall, take the lift to the station concourse then the lift to George St at exit 2. From George St travel along Park St, Elizabeth St then St James Rd to reach Macquarie St.


  • The closest bus stops to the Orange Back of the Pack start wave are located along Elizabeth St at Hyde Park and Martin Place.

  • The majority of local bus services in NSW are accessible. You can plan an accessible trip using the Trip Planner at transportnsw.info. On printed bus timetables, look for the wheelchair symbol or letter “a” for accessible.

  • Guests with disability or limited mobility are strongly encouraged to arrive earlier as buses are expected to be in demand with limited capacity and may experience delays due to the road closures.

Getting Home

Pick Up Point

Pick up locations in Bondi are west of Campbell Parade in one of the side streets that are open and not affected by road closures. Please review the Road Closure map to identify a suitable pick up location.

Public Transport

  • Shuttle buses will transport participants from Bondi Beach directly to Bondi Junction Interchange. Shuttle bus services will be wheelchair accessible only from Northern load zones. The foot path from the finish line to the bus services is flat and accessible for all. From Bondi Junction, catch the lift down to the station to connect with trains or change for another route bus at the Interchange.

  • Participants can access the shuttle bus queues from either Queen Elizabeth Drive carpark, or from Campbell Parade eastern footpath.

There are two shuttle bus stops on Campbell Parade.

  1. The northern bus stop is located just south of Lamrock Avenue, and is accessible. When you reach the roundabout you need to keep right to continue along the Campbell Parade footpath.

  2. The southern bus stop is located just south of Notts Avenue, and is not accessible due to stairs along the path through the parkland.

Finish Map


If you require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our staff who can assist guests with access requirements to plan their trip and provide information about accessible services and facilities. Contact us at city2surf@fairfaxmedia.com.au

IRONMAN is committed to making The Sun-Herald City2Surf presented by Westpac a memorable and enjoyable event for all!