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Charity FAQS

+ Registrations & Start Groups

What wave do charity superstars start in?

Charity superstars start in their own wave at 8:20am. They will be located on Park Street; enter via crossing point from Hyde Park North and South

Where do Charity Superstars collect their race bibs?

They can collect their bibs from the City2Surf Expo, all details can be found here.

Will I be able to collect race bibs on behalf of other Charity Superstars who cannot attend he City2Surf Expo?

Yes you are able to collect race bibs on behalf of other charity superstars, please bring a copy of their bib number when attending the expo. If you do this please be clear with your participants as to how they will be able to get their race bib from you before the event.

To obtain their bib number, your participant should have this on their e-ticket, if there is a bulk amount we will be able to get these for you but please let the participant know you’re collecting a bib on their behalf.

My charity superstar participant has a general entry, what do they do with their spare space?

Excellent, they can do a free of charge person to person transfer to a friend , we will need the following details from the person taking their place:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Email
  • Gender
  • DOB
  • Phone
  • Emergency contact name
  • Emergency contact number
  • Medical conditions

Please note the transferee must enter the same start group as your existing general entry. If are entered into a start group that requires a pre-qualifying time (seeded, preferred, green or red starts), the transferee must also qualify for this start group. Please ensure that they complete a pre-qualification form, as soon as possible, here.)

+ Merchandise

My Charity Superstar participant would like to buy merchandise associated with the event, how do they do this?

Once they’ve been uploaded into the system and if they’ve given Fairfax Events permission to contact them we will send out an eDM which will enable them to activate their TikTok dashboard. Once this has happened, they will be able to purchase any merchandise they wish. Am I allowed to set up a marquee within the finish area for participants taking part in the event?

+ Event Day Info

Am I allowed to set up a marquee within the finish area for participants taking part in the event?

Groups/organisations are not allowed to create or form a dedicated space within the event village for their group to congregate unless approved by Fairfax Events prior to the event. If a group/organisation is seen within the event site without an official event permit they will be asked by event organisers and security to leave the event site. All charity marquees and beach marquees have been allocated for the event.

When will I receive my Charity Superstar fundraising medals?

If you’ve booked a marquee space at City2Surf, the medals will be delivered to you on the day of the event. If you have not they will be posted to you on the week commencing the 6th of August.