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5 minutes with Master Trainer, Cameron Smith

Who doesn’t need some advice from a Personal Trainer going into the City2Surf? Master Trainer Cameron Smith has 10,000 hours of expertise under his belt, so here’s some tips from one of the experts.

Is there an exercise that compliments running particularly well?

The more sport specific your training, the more adequately prepared you will be come race day. If you are preparing for distance running you need to perform distance running to prepare the joints, muscles and tissues. As part of injury prevention, I would advise preparing the hip and glute muscles to create a very strong foundation. To improve the transference of power into the stride for a final sprint there are few better exercises than a sled push to develop the specific skill and muscle activation patterns required in sprinting.

Positive mind speak is crucial for any athlete. What do you say to yourself in that moment where you want to give up?
Consistency over intensity gets the results.
Training the mind is the most overlooked part of obtaining Physical results.
There is always a way to move forward.

Self-talk is crucial and is often very individualised. What you say to yourself during ‘the grind’ is often based on your deep-rooted motivations. This can be a very personal mantra that is either positive or negatively framed. I like using both.

For me personally, I use my biggest fears and insecurities and tie them to my performance. I tell myself If I give up - those fears and insecurities are true. If I persist, I am proving they are not.

Sometimes I use positive frames to minimise the task and remove the overwhelming feelings like “Literally nobody has ever died from this ever, so it is just pain that I am feeling. I know amazing things come from persistence and the ability to endure pain.”

The important thing is, the thoughts that move you and motivate you during these hard times are developed during the hours of training and the time spent in ‘the grind.’ They are YOUR beliefs that are tried and tested that carry you through.

What’s the funniest reason you’ve heard for someone wanting to incorporate more exercise into their life?
I have had one client who specifically wanted to improve their performance in the bedroom. I don’t like to speculate but he and his partner ARE still together :-).

Beginner to elite - what are your 3 top pieces of advice to give to runners in the City2Surf?
My advice to beginners is Preparation, Hydration and Recovery.

If you plan to go out and run the City2Surf off the back of no recent training you will damage your body, especially if you are over 30. I recommend long beach walks, then runs and progress to grass and road to adequately prepare the feet, ankles, shins and lower back. It is also a good idea to walk/jog the course specifically if you have not completed it before. This will prepare you for the course cadence and mental obstacles.

Post-training use trigger balls and rollers for your legs and in particular your feet to help them recover.Running is hard on the body, prepare yourself and stay hydrated and you will do a lot to prevent injury and run a great time.

For elite athletes; these are principles that they already implement and know the importance of. It’s time for them to unleash the beast and let their hard work do the talking.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Ice Cream and Coconut Water. I have far too much of both.

If you could have dinner with 3 legends, who would it be and why?
Nick Vujicic - No Arms, No Legs, No Worries. Listening to this man gives instant perspective, motivation and hope.
Oprah Winfrey - I find her grit and determination inspirational.
Richie McCaw - I am intrigued by his leadership and the culture of success and belief in the All Blacks. I would love to learn from him and pass his knowledge on to my clients.

Tell us a little bit about yourself
Fitness evangelist, Entrepreneur and owner of Pro Train Fitness. I love everything about exercise and what it allows people to do. When done right, it is so pure and everything that comes from it is positive. You feel more energetic, more motivated, you look better and you feel a sense of pride and achievement.

Show Cameron what you’re made of at the City2Surf on August 12! Register now and do yourself a favour by enrolling in one of the biggest and best workouts you can do!

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