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How to do the City2Surf with kids

City2Surf is all about family participation so there’s nothing we love more than seeing fit, happy, and active kids! Here are some tips and tricks for making the City2Surf an awesome experience with every member of your family.

Firstly, you’ll want to register as part of the Orange group, which is for walkers, fun groups, pushed wheelchairs and those superstars with strollers (go you running families!). The Orange group starts at 9:30am and we’d anticipate you’ll finish around the four-hour mark, so it’s a good idea to bring some snacks and water along.

Keep in mind that the City2Surf posts race bibs out to you for free until 9 May, so make sure you register by then. Kids will get excited about their race paraphernalia coming in the mail - it might even feel like a present for them!

Train with the kids
To truly put the fun in fun run, kids have to have a bit of preparation to make sure they enjoy City2Surf on the day. Even asking the average adult to walk or run for 14km with no prior training would be a feat in itself.

Training with the kids is great family-bonding time, so try to make it as easy and fun as possible. If you haven’t started training before 1 July, mark it in your calendar as it’s a great date to start (new financial year, new fitness year!). It’s also 6 weeks out from the fun run, it’s enough time to get young bodies into gear.

If you live near a track or oval with a large circumference, start your family training there. It’s a perfect location to start as the goal is getting to the end of the loop - it’s a clear end-goal for the kids. The end-goal strategy works better in the early stages of training where you don’t need to motivate the kids to exercise on a looped course repeatedly.

Kids tend to prefer nature to the urban jungle so if you can use a park to do your training on, all the better. Bring your dog too if pooch is up for a good walk.

Use Technology
Start introducing some tech to improve time and speed, such as using Fitbits or fitness apps - as we all know how much kids love incorporating tech into their lives! They will love seeing the results of their hard work (so will you).

You’ll then be armed with every child’s favourite incentive: acknowledging their progress! Praise any achievements your kids have positively and enjoy their faces lighting up with pride.

Dress Up
City2Surf is the world’s biggest fun run - so have some fun and don’t be afraid to be a bit silly! Get the kids dressed up as their favourite Superhero, or you could all go as a famous family. If you’re raising money for a charity, even better! Participants in costume are loved by other competitors, spectators and volunteers, so the kids will love the extra attention.

Don’t fret - there’s no chance your kids will be suffering any boredom during the City2Surf. Between international musicians and bands playing live music on the sidelines, to DJs, cheerleader groups, brass bands, dance troops, live radio booths and let’s not forget some of the hilarious and gregarious other participants in costume, the kids will be well entertained!

There’s nothing quite like the community spirit of the City2Surf where everyone is cheering for the runners, and especially for the smallest fun runners! That palpable collective spirit comes from all sorts; the locals standing on their balconies yelling out cheers, other runners, the fabulous volunteers, the City2Surf team and all the other families.

Your kids will feel like the little Superheros that they are!

Bring food
Don’t feel like you won’t be to have ample breaks with the kids, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to rest when needed. Take some snacks for the kids to enjoy, whilst also boosting their energy.

We find the best snacks that are light, nutritious and keep a hungry tummy at bay. Think fruit, raw veggies they can crunch on (we love good old fashioned celery and carrot sticks with peanut butter), yogurt or cheese, and of course some light sandwiches will go down a treat.

There are plenty of drinking stations along the way so don’t feel like you have to take litres of water with you to keep the kids hydrated. Check out the map here to help you plan.

Toilet breaks
Toilet stations are set up along the course, so don’t panic about access to bathrooms. It is good to be mindful of queues however, depending on time and location.

Good gear
This is important for parents AND kids. For kids, make sure they’re clad in supportive, comfortable shoes so they avoid those horrid, pesky blisters. Otherwise they’ll be asking to be carried in no time!

For parents, take a decent stroller in case your little ones get tired and need a push. Also, don’t underestimate how important your backpack is; consider that you may have hard plastic food containers and drink bottles in there, so something with a bit of padding will work wonders.

The City2Surf is all about putting the fun in fun run, so family participation is encouraged! Take lots of photos and share them with #City2Surf, and connect with all the other fit and healthy families shaping tomorrow’s runners!

Make sure to check out the Entry Details page. Grab yourself a Family package to save!

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