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Meet The Mum On The Run, Krista!

Mum of two, Krista Lawler has two personal trainers who are her very own mini humans. Originally from Canada, Krista moved to the Hunter Valley, New South Wales in 2006 to be with her husband. Krista describes herself as “a full time working, stay at home mum with a farm to manage.” So, her hours available to run and train are limited.

Here are three inside training tips on how a busy mum can prepare for The Sun-Herald City2Surf presented by Westpac.

Tip #1 - Find your why

For Krista her motivation to run and fundraise comes from her desire to support CanTeen. CanTeen provided much needed support for her family and her brother, Derek, who passed away at 16 years of age to Leukemia. Read more about Krista’s great work with CanTeen here.

Running for a purpose close to your heart will motivate you to keep pushing through training and conquer your challenge! As our girl Krista said, “To be able to link this personal fitness challenge with a charity I feel passionate about will give me the drive to make it to the finish line!”

Tip #2 - Get your kiddies involved

People often train with friends or PT’s but not Krista. Her 6 year old daughter, Samantha and 3 year old son, Harrison put her to the test to prepare her for City2Surf. “As it is pretty unrealistic for me to get to a proper gym, my 1km of gravel road on the farm becomes my track and my children and dog become my trainers.” Over time Krista has increased her running distance by adding more laps on her 1km driveway.

BUT what if you don’t have a 1km driveway? We hear you. Well, why not use your lil babies as a ‘human weight’ for squats, push ups or lunges? Time to get creative! You can also involve them in training by offering piggyback rides for your next walk/jog to get that extra burn. Be sure to get a cute pic to share with us through our hashtag #city2surf.

Tip #3 - Seek support from your family and friends!

You can get family and friends involved in so many ways. Krista's amazing sister-in-law, Cassie, is getting involved by joining her in City2Surf! Her awesome friend, Tara is also a great support as they are running a 6km Mother’s Day run for breast cancer together. 

Krista is jet setting off home to Canada in June and while she is there her family will run a 14km track they have set up for her as prep for the big day! City2Surf “is a family effort”, so don’t be afraid to ask them to join in on your training journey.

Krista has designed her training plan around her family and lifestyle. The kids look forward to riding their push bikes alongside their mum running and her Canadian family are rallying for her on the other side of the world!

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Samantha, Krista and Harrison on the farm with the family dog.

Samantha, Krista and Harrison on the farm with the family dog.