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Don’t Just Tick City2Surf Off Your Bucket List, Conquer It!

By Jordan Pearson

Turia Pitt is an Australian athlete that represents strength, determination and is an icon of resilience as she conquers any challenge thrown her way. This resilience was showcased when she signed up for The Sun-Herald City2Surf presented by Westpac in 2012, just six months after she suffered severe injuries from a grass fire that left her with burns to 65% of her body.

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We had the opportunity to chat with Turia and find out how she continues to smash her goals! Whether you’re a walker aiming to finish or an experienced runner looking for your best time, Turia says what matters is understanding that progress = happiness.

Here are Turia’s top tips to make sure you conquer City2Surf this year.

1. Figure out your WHY

If you’ve been thinking of joining City2Surf for a few years now but you haven’t gotten around

to doing it, chances are your WHY isn’t big enough. A goal should excite and stretch you, and should be compelling enough to push you to train even on cold and dark mornings!

For example, Turia’s ‘why’ is helping a cause close to her heart, Interplast. Interplast exist to repair bodies and rebuild lives. Team ‘Unleash the runner within’ are raising funds for Interplast this year at City2Surf.

When you do achieve your goal, you’ll gain a lot in return: resilience, self-confidence and an extra push to continually level up.

2. There’s a “Golden ratio”

When training for a race, Turia knows that not every training session will be the best. In her experience, they tend to follow this ratio: 2 excellent, 2 medium, 2 poor. When you train and experience this too, you’re golden. So don’t beat yourself up, because when you’re training for a big goal like City2Surf, it’s normal to have ups and downs, and you don’t have to MAX out every time.

3. Tackle what hurts the most

If you find that after a big day at work, you’re not really that motivated to do your training session – it might be because your willpower tank is running on empty. Turia advises to change up your routine. Maybe do your training session first thing in the morning because once it is accomplished, you’ll feel awesome for the rest of the day.  She calls it “doing the worst first” – when you get the hardest part of your day over and done, you’ll get a real boost that will push you through the rest of your day.

4. Start with something small

While it’s great to start big, like aiming to complete a 2-hour-run every day or yoga every morning too many changes at once is an easy way to burn yourself out FAST. Instead, start small and focus on consistent incremental changes that will improve your training sessions.  

You can support Turia’s efforts to raise funds for Interplast here. To find out more about joining the team, click here.

Unfortunately, Turia is unable to attend City2Surf this year due to family commitments, however, she will be cheering on her Team, ‘Unleash the runner within’ via our Facebook Live broadcast!

Enter before Tuesday (July 24) to save $10 on your entry!