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Tim's 7:2:1 tips for eating when training

721 is the Fuel Philosophy which Tim Robards has designed to help you upgrade the quality of your eating habits, without drastic elimination diets and calorie counting. You eat when you’re hungry, listening to what your body naturally tells you. It’s the eating approach Tim uses with The Robards Method training program, which has given him the best results. The approach to food is a combined one. It’s inspired by caveman diets but it’s not a low carb, no carb or grain-free regiment. It’s been adopted to incorporate that little thing we call real life! It’s about listening to your body and learning the signs and indications and what they relate to. Here is an idea of what a day on his plate looks like and his top tips for eating when training.

  • Fuel your body with the right ingredients post workout. The energy you expend in your workouts should only be replenished with a wholesome combination of fibre, protein, good fats and good carbs.

  • The best time to eat after a workout is 30-60 minutes. This is the most beneficial window of time to replenish muscle glycogen stores, rehydrate, repair muscles for quicker recovery and stop inflammation in its tracks.

  • Bananas are a perfect post and pre workout food. With 36 grams of carbs, 1/2 a gram of fat and 600mg of potassium, paired with some Greek yoghurt or blended with a scoop of protein powder makes for a great liquid refuel.

  • Don’t forget to hydrate! Replacing water and electrolyte loss is highly important for optimal recovery.

The Philosophy

7-2-1 is a sustainable way of eating. It’s not a diet, it’s a redesign of your eating habits to help improve your lifestyle.
A balance of protein with plenty of carbohydrates from salad and vegetables, and good anti- inflammatory fats. 15 meals per week fall into this category, including both the breakfast and dinner in this meal plan. Five snacks a week should also be super clean.
Four meals a week can incorporate some carbohydrates from grains, such as the delicious lamb wrap included in here. There are still plenty of vegetables, and good fats. One snack per week can incorporate grains as well.
This is where you get to choose whatever you like, no parameters, twice a week. It could be French toast, or a pizza. You’ve got free rein for one snack per week as well.


We know you are keen to get your hands on lunch and dinner so head to The Robards Method to download the full plan and recipes!

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