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The Ultimate City2Surf Guide

Whether you’re a City2Surf regular or a first-timer, aside from imagining the pizza you’ll inhale after it’s all done (ahem, green protein smoothie), you’ve probably also got a few burning last minute questions and niggles. Where do I keep my change of clothes? Where are the drink stations? What if I’m crawling up Heartbreak Hill while everyone’s running? It’s okay. We’ve got you covered. And you’ve totally got this! Okay, let’s run through it all...

  1. Pre-race day kit

You’re taking your mandatory pre-race kit photo for Instagram (and tagged #city2surf) the night before, and having a panic over which filter to go with, and whether you should be sharing an Instagram Story instead. Breathe. Do both, ok no, that’s a bit overkill, go with the Story. Done. The pre-race kit photo is also your chance to check that you’ve got all your essentials ticked off the list. For one thing, you don’t want to turn up on the day and realise you don’t have your race bib. No bib. No race. So make sure your bib is safely packed, you have filled out your emergency contact details on the back, and don’t forget your safety pins! If you registered after May 29, you can collect your race bib from the City2Surf Expo. You’ll just need to bring a copy of your eTicket or SMS to show event staff. Check here for any other bib related issues

Image: @ajosephau

Image: @ajosephau


2 . Download the City2Surf app

Whether you are a participant or a spectator we have bundled up all the must know info into our Official City2Surf app powered by Tata Consultancy Services. The app provides everything you need to prepare for race day including course maps, transportation, parking, exclusive discounts and more! The app is available for download across iPhone and Android.


3. Where do I start the race?

Starting the race from the correct location is important. Different groups have different start locations and times and you don’t want to end up in the wrong start group (see #4). It’s a good idea to get to the start line early (but no more than 30 minutes before) to avoid any stresses of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. See City2Surf start locations.


4. Where do I leave my belongings on race day?

You’re probably wondering where to stash your post-race snacks, change of clothes and drink bottle right? No, we don’t expect you to lug it all around with you. That definitely takes the fun out of the run! The cheery City2Surf event staff will happily take your essentials from the City2Surf Expo to the finish line for you (yes, they are awesome), there are just a few important do’s and don’ts you need to follow. Hint: you will need your race bib.

5. Can I change my start group?

Well, yes, you can. But, you can only start behind your registered start group, not before. So, if your mates or family are starting in a group after yours, and you want to join them (we get it, running solo in your Lego man outfit is nowhere near as fun as being with your fellow Lego crew) you can drop back on the day and run with them. Likewise if they are in a start group ahead of you they can drop back and join you. Check your group’s start time.

6. No Opal needed (hooray one less thing to carry)

Transport to and from City2Surf is FREE. All you need is your bib or finisher’s medal when using public transport on race day.  #winning For more information head to Transport for NSW.

7. Where are the drink stations?

Keep hydrated throughout and after the run. You can opt to bring your own water bottle (you wouldn’t want your little runner to be mid race without a drink) or there will be plenty of drink stations along the course to keep you going. Just look at the course map beforehand. Trust us, you’ll be glad you checked this now. Don’t forget, if you’re not bringing your own bottle, please help us look after mother nature by binning your compostable cup in the dedicated bin so they don’t end up in landfill!


8. What if I can’t find my friends after the race

Kicking off post celebration shenanigans with your friends and family is a high priority after you’ve crossed the finish line. You’re feeling the party vibes and want to refuel. Or equally you’re ready to just lie on the beach with your family, and take a moment to reflect how far you’ve all come. But you might have lost a few members along the way, or your sister got caught up taking selfies at Rose Bay. Before you start the race, it’s a good idea to agree a post-race meeting spot. There will be meeting place signs located on Queen Elizabeth Drive, directly after the drink station on the beach side. Just keep your eye out for the tall blue wing banners, these are arranged in alphabetical order.

9. Are there cut-off times?

Yes there are, check out our cut-off times and locations here.

10. Have FUN!

The City2Surf is whatever you want to make it. Whether you walk, jog, run, just take in the buzz and celebrate big when you cross the finish line.

More burning questions? Check out our FAQs page.

And if you haven’t already, there’s only 5 days until registrations close so sign up now and tell your friends and family too!