City2Surf VR App

Race to your own beat with our dedicated City2Surf VR App that provides everything you need for an amazing race-day experience.

  • Personalised App experience with easy, one-time login with all event details in one place.
  • You don’t have to run with a watch, just carry your phone.
  • Strava integration for runners who prefer to run without a phone.
  • Interactive City2Surf course map with progress notifications as you run.
  • Live tracking using GPS placing you on the actual C2S course - no matter where you run.
  • Leaderboards and live rankings to see where you finished.
  • Simple to use with an easy ‘push start’ button when you’re ready and … GO, GO. GO!
  • Auto finish once you hit 14kms – so we get your best time possible.
  • Finish time selfies to share on your ‘gram’.
  • Supporters, friends and family can virtually follow and cheer you on.  

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How to do C2S VR

Wondering how to do the City2Surf Virtual Run... it's super simple!

Step 1 - Commit!  

Enter City2Surf VR when registrations open on Thursday 9 September 2021.

Step 2 – Get Appy!  

Not long after you register, you'll receive two emails. One will confirm your entry details. The other will provide steps to download the C2S VR App and claim your entry – its super simple… a couple of clicks and you’re good to go!

You're now virtual race ready!

You can practice with the app as many times as you like before 12am midnight (AEDT) on Saturday 16 October. Just press the big green button to start and the red button to stop each time you run.

Step 3 - Lets Run!  

Make sure you have downloaded your personalised C2S VR race bib to wear with pride.

Whenever and wherever you choose to commence your run between 6am (AEDT) on Sunday 17 October and 4pm (AEDT) on Sunday 24 October 2021, simply open the C2S VR app and push the green ‘Start’ button.

The App will start timing you and will track you as if you were running the actual C2S course - no matter where you are.

Don’t forget to listen out for some special words of encouragement during your run.

Once you have started your race, it cannot be paused, so please double-check your phone is fully charged, your GPS tracking is active on your phone and you are warmed up and ready to go.

You have plenty of time to run complete your 14kms – just make sure you start it before 4pm (AEDT) on Sunday 24 October 2021.

(If you don’t want to run with your phone – that’s ok. You’ll need a Strava or Garmin Connect account and whichever tracking device you normally use. Check out the section in the FAQs below for details on how to upload using these devices).

Step 4 – Tell everyone!  

When you hit 14kms, the tracking will stop automatically, and your result will be submitted … time to take that all-important results selfie and share it with your mates!

Then go and check out our race leaderboards on the C2S VR App to see how you compare to your family and friends.

Finally, download your digital race certificate and work out where you’ll hang your sweet new C2S VR medal.


Much like our participants, support crews will also be going virtual for C2S VR. You can still get involved by supporting your friends and family by tracking them as they complete the 14km event and by sending likes and comments too directly to their profile!  

Find out more by reading our Supporter FAQs below.

App FAQs

The Child Entry (12 and under) allows children to participate without a device, but still participate and receive all their run rewards. It’s perfect for children without devices who will be running with older children or adults. Child Entries will be given the finish time of the General Entry participant nominated during registration. Due to the syncing of these results, they may incur a delay of up to 2 hours before the child’s finish time is displayed in the app.

The button in the right-hand top corner will lead you to settings. Here you can change the distance units.

The button in the right-hand top corner will lead you to settings. Here you can change the language. Does the system detect your default language? The City2Surf VR App will first check the language settings of your phone. When the language you have selected is available, the City2Surf VR App will open in your phone’s language. When this language is not available it will switch to the default language.

If you'd prefer to run without your phone you can submit your result with either STRAVA or Garmin Connect by following the below steps. 

  1. Once you have set up your profile on the City2Surf VR app, click on your profile image in the top righthand corner of your screen. It will open up to your account settings. 
  2. Click on 'Import Activity', options available include Garmin Connect or STRAVA? 
  3. Sign up to your personal account or login to your existing STRAVA or Garmin Connect account. Remember to click the 'Remember me' tick box. 
  4. Give the City2Surf VR App authorisation to access your account. 
  5. When you come to complete your City2Surf VR event, you will need to run with your GPS watch/fitness tracker. After completing the 14km distance, you will then need to upload your activity to the City2Surf VR App by selecting the activity you would like to submit to us. Click 'OK'. 

Your race time is now submitted to the City2Surf VR event. 

Supporter FAQs

For friends and family who have their profile set as public, you can search their name in the C2S VR App and then select to ‘Follow’ them.

If their profile is set to private, your friends or family will need to share their profile with you using the ‘share tracking’ function in the App.

You can start tracking them before the start of the race if their entry is set as public.

The more intermediate points there are, the more accurate LiveTracking is. The bar around the participant shows the accuracy of their current position.

When following your friends or family, you can click 'Notify me' to receive push notifications about the athlete you are following at each split point.

Yes, to follow participants a working internet connection is required.