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City2Surf Course

The City2Surf is a 14km course starting from Hyde Park in Sydney’s CBD and ending at the iconic Bondi Beach.

The race starts at the intersection of Park St and College St. The course commences on a downhill on William St and heads up through the tunnel at Kings Cross. It continues along New South Head Rd through Rose Bay, then up the notorious "Heartbreak Hill" (the halfway point) and also the most scenic parts of the course. The course then turns the corner at Vaucluse, onto Old South Head Rd, then Military Rd and down the hill with ocean views, before completing a turn around at Curlewis st, into the finish line at the world famous and spectacular Bondi Beach.

The City2Surf finish line is located on Queen Elizabeth Drive, adjacent to the children’s playground, north of the Bondi Pavilion, with runners finishing in a southbound direction.

Course Map

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Start Map

Cut-Off Points

Time of Day Distance Location
10:00am 0km Start Line Closes
10:50am 2.5km New South Head Road at Ocean Street, Edgecliff
11:15am 5km New South Head Road at O’Sullivan Road, Rose Bay
12:05pm 8.5km New South Head Road at Old South Head Road, Vaucluse
12:20pm 9km Old South Head Road at Military Road, Vaucluse
1:05pm 12.5km Military Road at Blair Street, North Bondi
1:35pm 13.5km Campbell Parade at Queen Elizabeth Drive
2:00pm 14km Finish Line Closes

Drink Station Locations

Location Distance (approx.) Road Hydration
Woollahra, Point Piper 3.9km Victoria Road Water
Lyne Park, Rose Bay 5.2km New South Head Road Water & eniQ electrolyte
East of Hopetoun Ave, Vaucluse 7.3km New South Head Road Water & eniQ electrolyte
Kimberley Reserve, Vaucluse 9.2km Military Road Water
Dudley Page Reserve, Dover Heights 10.3km Military Road Water & eniQ electrolyte
North Bondi, opposite Golf Course 12.45km Military Road Water

Bring Your Own Drink Bottle

Join our new green initiative and bring your own drink bottle which can be filled up along the course at each drink station.