How to City2Surf Virtual Run - The Right Way!

29 September 2021
How to City2Surf Virtual Run - The Right Way!

Across our 50 year history, City2Surf has become more than a fun run - it's a celebration of Sydney! And for the second year, The Sun-Herald City2Surf will be going virtual in 2021. The World’s Largest Fun Run is going virtual from 17 - 24 October 2021. Although we may not get the opportunity to meet on the beach at Bondi , from the UK to Japan, across Australia and of course, our home Sydney, thousands are set to hit their local streets to celebrate.  

Here’s our top 7 tips for making the most out of your City2Surf Virtual Run experience 


The beauty of a virtual run is being able to plan your own course. Dread running up Heartbreak Hill every year? You can run a flat route! Love to run off-road? Why not incorporate some trails in your route? It’s your run, your way.  

Need some help finding a course to runYou can use websites such as Mapometer to plot out your 14km route in your neighbourhood. Keen to try somewhere new? Try the Strava “Explore Routes” feature which will highlight commonly run courses in your local area.  

When planning your route, you may also want to think about the following: 

  • Limiting road crossings so you don’t have to stop and start (just like in a race, once you hit “Start” on our app, it cant be paused!) 

  • Tend to get thirsty? Without access to usual race hydration stations, consider a lapped route that goes past your house or car where you can leave your water bottles/enIQ or energy gels to come back to. You can also wear a running belt or vest that allows you to bring your fluids with you.  

  • Avoid super busy running paths. No-one likes weaving around lots of people and running the road less travelled means you are able to maintain social distancing around other runners.   

C2SVR Celebrate 1



We love our iconic course too. There’s no greater feeling than getting to the top of Heartbreak Hill (and knowing you’re halfway!) and turning down onto Military Rd for those amazing ocean views. But if you run the actual course on race day, you won’t be able to enjoy all the things that make physical race great.   

And most importantly, to participate in the event runners must Run Local and Run Safeso as part of our event rules, participants must not run along the traditional City2Surf course, and cannot finish in Bondi Park or along Queen Elizabeth Drive. If you do, you will be disqualified so please don’t run the course! You can read the event rules here. 


Is there any better excuse to get together with a mate or two than at City2Surf VR? Make it social in 2021 and run with your mates in your local neighbourhood – but please check your local rules and regulations and keep it COVID Safe! 

C2SVR Participants


Just because we’ve gone virtual doesn’t mean you can’t get that costume you’ve been planning since last year out! Just make sure your costume doesn’t impair your vision or hearing while out running and be prepared for some quizzical looks… 

C2SVR Dinosaur

Also, our incredible designers have created some very cool virtual bibs that you’ll be able to personalise and print yourself at home. Wear yours with pride and you might even see other C2S VR runners out and about – make sure to give them a wave!


We’re all for a humble brag here at City2Surf, so we definitely think you should be posting all over the ‘gram about your training and on event day! Make sure to tag us @city2surf as we’ll be reposting participant stories. And when that sweet medal comes in the mail, we’d love to see your #MedalMonday.  


A city giving back has become the beating heart of this great event. Make your steps count and fundraise for a cause close to your heart! Whether you raise $5 or $10,000, every bit counts and helps charities impacted by COVID-19 to continue their incredible work within our community.


So maybe we’re not all meeting in Bondi and hitting up all the local cafes/pubs and bars, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your achievement! Whether a post-City2Surf VR picnic in the park is on the cards, or you'd prefer to pop a bottle of champagne at home, or maybe you just want to kick up and relax at home, celebrate your finish how you best see fit!  

 C2SVR GoodTimes


Good luck! We can't wait to see you take on City2Surf virtually again this year!

- Team City2Surf