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Introducing eniQ (pronounced en..i..Q), the official hydration partner of The Sun-Herald City2Surf presented by Westpac for the next three years.

eniQ was founded in Australia by three former professional athletes, with a mission to create the purest and most potent sports and wellness products for athletes and active people of all lifestyles and demographics.

A premium range of scientifically formulated wellness and sports nutrition products, eniQ uses only the highest quality ingredients, specifically chosen for their purity and potency.

On the partnering with the City2Surf, eniQ General Manager, Tim Scott-Branagan, says, “eniQ products are brand new to the Australian market and are designed for active people demanding a pure and potent source of hydration and energy.  We’re incredibly excited to help over 80,000 runners hydrate and recover effectively at this year’s City2Surf with our two key products.”

“Whether you are a seasoned veteran of the City2Surf, or this is your first time, you will have access to products on race day that will give you a sustained source of energy, replenish your electrolytes and help your tired muscles recover.”

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Which products will be available on Race Day?

The eniQ Electrolyte (Lemon Lime) will be available at nominated drink stations throughout the race. For drink station locations click here.  

The eniQ Electrolyte (Lemon Lime) & eniQ Electrolyte Whey Protein Isolate (Super Fruits) will be available at the finish line.  

Both products are designed to give you immediate and sustained energy, as well as replenish electrolytes and accelerate muscle recovery.  

They contain only premium and healthy ingredients with natural fruit flavours, and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Plus have a pH of 6, which reduces tooth erosion.

To find out more or order online, enabling you to train using the same product available on race day, visit www.eniq.com.

You can also follow eniQ on Instagram via @eniqwellness.

Why is hydration so important?

The right hydration can make or break your City2Surf experience, even if you are just doing it for fun! Just like your training plan it is important to consider a hydration plan before, during and after the race.


Dehydration during training is a leading cause of injuries.  To ensure you make it to the start line on August 11 it is a good idea to incorporate a deliberate hydration plan on a daily basis.

Staying hydrated not only involves drinking water, but also consuming balanced electrolytes through fluids and food. Generally, when exercising you want to replace upwards of half of what you are losing through sweat.

As a guide, males need to consume upwards of 3.5 litres of fluid per day, and women upwards of 3 litres per day. That intake can come from fluids and food, with fruit and vegetables in particular having a higher water content.  

The easiest way to ensure you are drinking enough is to monitor your urine colour, aiming for a pale-yellow colour at all times.

Race Day

Studies have shown that runners can finish a 14km run up to 2.5 minutes faster when staying hydrated before and throughout the race.  A few tips:

  • Just like cramming for a test, binge drinking the morning of a run won’t hydrate you properly. In fact, it’s likely to cause a need for several toilet breaks!

  • Sip regularly on fluids prior to the race to a level that makes you feel well hydrated, 500 ml – 1 litre of fluid as a guide.

  • Don’t wait until you are thirsty to have a drink during the race. Take a drink at every drink station.

  • In warm / hot conditions, grab 2 cups at each drink station – 1 x water to pour over your head to cool you down, and 1 x eniQ Electrolyte to rehydrate you.

  • Squeeze the eniQ cup between your thumb and index finger (while you remain running) so you can consume as much fluid as possible from the cup and avoid spilling it all over your chest.


While running the average person loses 500ml – 1 litre of fluid per hour, which includes much needed nutrients and electrolytes. In addition, the runner will experience several microtears in their muscles, particularly in their legs.

After the race, make your way over to the eniQ marquee where you can access the eniQ Electrolyte to rehydrate on lost energy and electrolytes. In addition, eniQ will have available its unique “2 in 1” eniQ Electrolyte Whey Protein Isolate, which will not only rehydrate on lost energy and electrolytes, but also accelerate your muscle repair.

Drinking water and eating fruit are other effective ways to rehydrate after your race.

How do I recognise signs of dehydration?

  1. Being thirsty or having a dry mouth is one of the first bodily signs that you need to consume more liquids and should not be ignored.

  2. Use the pinch test to recognise when your body is beginning to run out of water. Grasp the skin on the back of the hand, if the skin returns slowly back to its original position, this indicates a state of dehydration.

  3. The colour of your urine can help determine how dehydrated you are. If passing a pale-yellow colour then you know your body has plenty of water and is satisfactorily hydrated, if dark however, this is your body telling you that it needs more water.

  4. Dehydration can frequently be confused for hunger, and although foods do provide some form of water for hydration, if the body is craving water, fluid- based products are more effective to quickly and sufficiently replenish your water stores.