Funds Raised

Race Etiquette

  • Only Seeded runners are allowed to warm up in front of the start line.

  • Starting before your allocated gun time will result in automatic disqualification.

  • Please no pushing to get over the line, the bib tags ensure that you record an accurate start time based on when you cross the line.

  • Please listen to the announcers for important last minute instructions.

  • Watch your footing for ramps, curbs and potential hazards.

  • Please keep to the left unless overtaking.

  • All pushed wheelchairs, strollers, and prams must enter into the Back of the Pack - Orange Start Group. No pushed wheelchairs, strollers, and prams are permitted in any other start groups. Please keep left and be mindful of other participants.

Safety Tips

  • Do not compete if you have been sick or have had a viral infection in the two weeks prior to race day.

  • No pets, bicycles, scooters, hand cycles, skateboards, roller blades or drones are permitted.

  • Include emergency contact details on the back of your race bib, this will ensure event organisers can get in contact with your emergency contact if necessary.

  • All participants must be wearing the correct race number to ensure that we have the correct medical and emergency details if an incident were to occur.

  • Please refrain from using portable music devices. The use of iPods and other music players while participating have inherent risks and as such Fairfax Events discourages their use by participants.

  • As is the nature of road based events, there are potential trip hazards along the course. Please ensue to watch your step and remain within the allocated road space.

Hydration and Training

Heat stress and exhaustion is common in running on a hot day. Please ensure you are well hydrated for the race. There are drink stations along the course with water, electrolyte and first aid. It is important that if you are feeling unwell you report to event personnel or first aid stations immediately.

You can further protect yourself by ensuring you have applied plenty of sunscreen pre-event and wear sunglasses and a light-weight hat. Please ensure you have sufficiently trained to participate in the event or have allowed enough lead up time to prepare for the event. In 2018 the electrolyte will be Nuun active.

Medical Locations

First aid stations are located at the start and finish as well as along the course, with teams located at the drink stations and roaming bike teams. They will provide immediate assistance and if further assistance is required, such as transportation to a hospital. Please note that these costs are incurred by the patient.

Incidents and Hazards

Should you injure yourself while at the event please report this as soon as possible to event personnel  which includes security guards, course marshals or event organisers; alternatively you can contact the event information line 1800 555 514.

If you see any potential hazards at the start, finish or on course or any bags or suspicious packages that are left unattended, please notify event organisers as soon as possible.

Lost Children

If your child has become lost please report your child’s details to event organisers where appropriate action will be taken to ascertain your child’s whereabouts.

If you have found a child that appears lost and/or distressed, please notify event organisers immediately. Event organisers are located at the security shed, Race HQ, the course or around the start and finish lines. At the finish there is a dedicated lost children tent located in the event village.