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How do I create a team?

Creating a team is a great way to bring together family, friends or colleagues as part of your participation in the 2018 City2Surf. To create a team, visit our registration form and;

1. Select your preferred registration type

2. Click 'Create a Team' on the pop-up box

3. Fill out your teams details and click 'Create my Team'

From here, you will be taken to the team managers tiktok dashboard where it will then direct you to register yourself for the event. The dashboard is also where you can manage your team details.

Share your team name, and password if applicable, with your team members so they can select to 'Join a Team' when registering.

How do I enter into a team?

If your workplace or friends have registered a team for this years event, you can join their team when registering. You just need to use our registration form and select your registration type, click 'Join a Team' on the pop-up box and search for your team name.

If you have already registered and wish to join a team, please email us at city2surf@fairfaxmedia.com.au and include your full name, bib number, team name and team password (if applicable) in your email.

Can I enter multiple people during the registration process?

Yes, when you arrive at the cart contents page of the registration process, click “Register Another”.  You can now commence the registration for additional entrant(s).  Please note that all registrations will be paid for in one transaction.

Can I create a team that is not part of a corporate package?

Yes, if you select ‘Create a Team’ upon entry you will automatically be directed to create a team separate from our corporate packages. If you would like to review our corporate packages to see if they are the right fit for you please have a look at our team packages page or contact the Fairfax Corporate Team Manager at yourteam@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

When I create a team using my details, am I registering myself as a participant?

No, when you select the ‘Create a Team’ option and enter the team captain details it will not create a registration for you, it will just create your team. To register under your team name please register as per normal using our Enter Now button on our website.

Can I collect race bibs at City2Surf Expo for all members of my team?

If your team is sending one member on behalf of all team members to collect race bibs from the City2Surf Expo, they will need to bring a list containing the full name and corresponding bib number of each participant. Such list can be downloaded from the Team Managers tiktok dashboard by selecting 'My Teams', 'Control Panel', select 'Downloads' and 'Click to Download Team Members'.

To ensure our team can collate your race bibs as quickly as possible, please sort the list in ascending numerical order prior to printing. 

What are the Corporate Teams terms and conditions?

To view the Corporate Teams terms and conditions, please click here.