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Training Plans

Throughout the program JORG will teach participants specific warm up exercises as well static stretches to help prevent injury. JORG will also teach you the proper running technique through demonstrations, exercises and monitoring and correcting you throughout your sessions. JORG will educate participants about the different benefits of different types of runs and training to ensure you gain a great insight to running and get the most out of your training. JORG takes pride in always taking a supportive and caring approach that motivates participants to not only put in their best efforts but also create an enjoyable environment and supportive network amongst the group. View the 10 week specifically designed training program for the City2Surf below. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced runner there's something for everyone.

Training Plan Terms Explained

w/up: Warm Up, should always be a very easy pace and you should be able to easily hold a conversation.

c/down: Cool Down, should always be a very easy pace and you should be able to easily hold a conversation.

Easy Runs: Faster than your warm up or cool down pace at approximately 60% - 70% effort, you should still be able to have a conversation.

Steady Pace: Breathing becomes more difficult and you would no longer be able to hold a conversation, approximately 70 - 80% effort.

On/Off efforts: On/off efforts (intervals) are when you run at a quicker pace approximately 80 - 90% effort (On) for a set period of time, this is then followed by an easy pace jog or walk which is a recovery period (Off) for the same duration, or the specified off duration on your program.

Easy - Steady - Easy: These are continuous runs but of a mixed tempo, they will help build endurance and speed. Your efforts for these should be easy 65% - steady 75% - easy 65%.

Hill Session: Find a hill 100m to 150m long and run with steady effort up, then walk/jog back down as your recovery between each effort. Continue this for the specified duration.

REST Days: Rest days are programmed in to your training schedule to allow the body to recover and adapt to the training you have been doing. You can cross-train on these days with a low impact aerobic activity or strength training.