5 Minutes with Liam Twomey, a City2Surf Fundraising Hero

30 July 2018
5 Minutes with Liam Twomey, a City2Surf Fundraising Hero

At 7 years old, Liam Twomey was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma, a rare cancer in his right leg. After more than six months of chemotherapy doctors were left with no other choice but to amputate his right leg below his knee. After his debilitating treatment and loss of his right leg as a teenager, he found support from organisations such as the START Foundation.

Now, he’s on a mission to help others run at The Sun-Herald City2Surf presented to raise funds for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation. We spoke to Liam, 23, about life, where he’ll be in five years, and where he’d take you on a first date!

You’re running for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation this year - can you tell us a bit about that?

So, I decided to do this after signing up for another charity event; I really enjoyed the reward of raising money to help kids, and working on pushing my limits mentally and physically to raise those funds. Also, knowing that Brain Cancer is the number one disease killer of kids is a scary statistic. As a child cancer survivor myself, I am so lucky to be alive and have this life and the opportunities I do, it’d almost be rude not to run for those reasons!

Why did you choose to run City2Surf?

It made my list of goals for this year, and the opportunity to tick that box while helping out is great. I’ve actually never even run 14km before so I’m jumping in the deep end a bit.

If you could get one message out to people, what would it be?

Don’t settle for average. Everyone has the ability to do great things in any area of their life... and all it comes down to is discipline and passion. Wake up with a purpose every day.

Is there a particularly crazy thing you’d love to attempt for fundraising one day?

I'd like to do a full Triathlon Ironman race for fundraising in the near future.

Will we see you in costume running the City2Surf one year? If so, what will you be dressed up as?

Ha ha ha. I hadn’t thought about that! Maybe 2019 could see that happen. I tell the kids at work I’ve got the same leg as Iron Man so that seems like a good fit.

And now for our rapid-fire question round!

Name three things that are important to a happy life:

The beach, family, daily exercise.

In 5 years, where will we see you and what will you be doing?

In five years time I will be representing my country in Para Sport on an international level and running my own fitness business 'Team Twomey'.

Hollywood decides to make a movie about your life. What is it called and who plays you?

‘My Right Foot’ and the 90’s version of Adam Sandler.

You’ve completed City2Surf and it’s now 8pm later that night. What are you doing?

I’ll definitely be at Milky Lane in Bondi demolishing one of their cheat platters!

If you could meet Steve Moneghetti, what would you ask him?

Liam: What was the best advice you ever received as an athlete?

Jordan: Well, I asked Steve this question. Check out his answer!

You ask someone out on a first date. Where do you take them?

I think skydiving over the ocean could be a good way to kick it off.

Good luck Liam!

Image: Jason McCormack