About your Coach

Craig Mottram is a four-time Olympian, World Championship and Commonwealth Games medalist and holds many, local, state national and international records. One of his most notable athletic highlights is running 12:55 minutes for 5000m.

Most importantly, Craig’s presence on the international athletics scene altered the culture of modern long distance running, as he beat the odds with his success against the dominant African nations, paving the way for others to do the same.

In 2012, Craig shifted his attention from being the athlete to assisting the athlete through the provision of tailored coaching, training and wellbeing plans that aim to educate, empower and encourage participants to be well and be elite. Elitewellbeing one principal teaching, ‘Train your body, Train your mind’.

About the Plan

The interactive 4-week online training plan is delivered through the Training Peaks app and is completely interactive with your smart phone, watch or tracking device, allowing Craig (your coach) to track your progress. You can choose to engage as much or as little as you like with the online monitoring of your training.

Upon purchasing your plan, you will be contacted by Craig via email outlining the simple steps involved in setting up your own private and free Training Peaks account. Once your account is set up your training plan will be uploaded into your calendar within 48hrs.

The training plans are designed to commence on 19 September 2021.

Please note training plans have commenced and are no longer available for purchase.


Plan Details

Plan Price: $35 (including all fees and taxes)

Please note training plans have commenced and are no longer available for purchase.

This 4-week plan is best suited for less experienced runners as the plan ensures your body becomes gently accustomed to the training, particularly the impact of road and hill running for 15km.

Craig starts you out on a walk-run plan then builds your body’s resilience with a series of aerobic continuous runs with exposure to mixed surfaces and hills before introducing you to some race specific sessions.

This plan adopts a dynamic and accumulative approach to your training that will build your confidence to successfully run the entire distance.

This plan is built for those wanting to really push their current fitness and running skill in a short 4-weeks of solid training.

This plan adopts many strategies and sessions from my own personal training when preparing for my major international competitions. A big focus of this plan will be tempo/threshold and hill sessions combined with longer aerobic runs to condition your body’s stamina and strength. This plan also includes guidance for the Taper phase and around improved running technique and efficiency as well as race day strategies to ready yourself to take on the challenges of your City2Surf course.

Q: How do I receive my training plan?
Your plan is delivered via the online training app, Training Peaks. You will be notified via email by Craig Mottram and provided instructions on how to set up your free Training Peaks account. Once you have set up your Training Peaks account your training plan will be uploaded into the calendar section of Training Peaks within 48hrs.

Q: When setting up Training Peaks it asks me to ‘Log In’ to Training Peaks account or ‘Sign Up’ new account, what should I do?
If you have an existing Training Peaks account you can link this by selecting ‘log in’ and adding coach Craig Mottram to your existing account. If you do not have an existing Training Peaks account, you simply click ‘sign up’ and follow the set-up instructions.

Q: How do I sync my smart device to Training Peaks?
Syncing your device is easiest done when first setting up your Training Peaks account. You will be prompted during set up to ‘Link a Device’ to your account. Click ‘yes’ and follow the set-up instructions displayed.

Q: How do I view my plan in my Training Peaks Account?
Your training will be made available in the Calendar window within 48hrs of setting up your Training Peaks account. The Calendar window is found on the top toolbar of your Training Peaks account. Your 4 week plan will commence on 19 September. Note: your calendar will always open on todays date, so please scroll through the calendar to view your plan at the appropriate date.

Q: I live in an area experiencing lockdown restrictions due to Covid-19, can I still complete the training?
Your training plans are designed to start on 19 September. At which time some locations may still be experiencing restrictions. It is imperative that you adhere to government guidelines for your area and train only for the allowable window of time. The training plans are designed to maximise fitness gains within a compact time period.

Q: During the account set up phase I have been set up on a Premium Training Peaks account. Will this cost me more money?
No, you will automatically be put on a Premium account for a trial period and then revert back to a Basic account automatically when this period ends. You do not need to do anything, and you will not be charged. Your plan purchase includes your Training Peaks account for the duration of your Training Plan coached by Craig Mottram

Q: Can I change my training around to suit my weekly schedule?
It is strongly recommended that the training structure remain as presented to provide the best adaptation and minimise risk of soreness.

Q; What happens if I miss a day of training?
If you miss a day of training for any reason you can simply pick things up again on the day you return to training. Do not try to redo the training you missed.

Q: If I am feeling really great, should I do more than what is on my training plan?
No, the plan is structured across a set period of time to best prepare you for the City2Surf. Things, like rest days, overall volume and intensity have all been factored into the plan. For best results, stick to the plan as it is written.

Q: I am having difficulty setting up my Training Peaks account. Who should I contact?
Please email info@elitewellbeing.com.au and we will get you up and going ASAP.

Q: If I have questions about the plan or anything to do with the training how do I get in contact?
You can receive helpful support by emailing info@elitewellbeing.com.au

Mottram’s Key to Training Zones and Effort.

Training ZoneMeaningDescription% OF MAX HRRPE (0-10)


Endurance 1

Light Aerobic. Easy Running Effort




Endurance 2

Moderate Aerobic. Comfortable Effort




Endurance 3

Heavy Aerobic. Steady/Tempo Effort




Anaerobic Threshold

Heavy Aerobic. Strong/Threshold Effort




Maximal Oxygen Update

Anaerobic. Hard Effort