Wonder Woman Guinness World Record Attempt at the 2023 City2Surf

7 June 2023
Wonder Woman Guinness World Record Attempt at the 2023 City2Surf

On Sunday 13 August, over 250 people dressed as Wonder Woman will join forces in Sydney’s CBD for the start of the 2023 City2Surf – at least that’s the aim.

Sydneysiders Caroline Stevenson and Sarah Langham are encouraging as many people as possible to join their Guinness World Record attempt, as they aim to set the record for the largest group of people dressed as Wonder Woman in one gathering.

“This all came about as an idea to have some fun, but then evolved into something much more meaningful,” said Sarah. “We have chosen Wonder Woman as symbolic of women (but we’d also love to include men) who are strong through their lives as mums, caregivers to both children and parents, working full-time and often going through an individual health battle. It’s a celebration and coming together of a group of strong wonder women.”

Sarah is a mother, full-time worker and caregiver, living with a brain tumour. The day after this year’s City2Surf she will begin cancer treatment.

Along with her friend Caroline, a clinical psychologist, the duo came up with the idea to break a world record to draw attention to both brain cancer and strong women by gathering large numbers dressed as Wonder Woman at the world’s largest fun run, the City2Surf.

They have chosen Cure Brain Cancer as their partnered charity for the event.

“We hope to fundraise and create some media attention to the cause and at the same time set a world record. You don’t need to be a runner, you can walk, talk, laugh, sing along the way and just enjoy the atmosphere of the City2Surf dressed as Wonder Woman,” said Sarah.

“We need to recognise brain cancers and tumours as it's an invisible disability, but we also want people to have fun on this journey,” added Caroline.

“You don’t even have to run the City2Surf and that's actually been one of our messages, as the record is for the gathering – although we’d love for everyone to take part in the event. But it's about having fun, it's about celebration. I’ve done the City2Surf about five times, it's a carnival, the music and the vibe, it’s a perfect fit,” she said.

The world’s largest fun run is set to return to the streets of Sydney on Sunday 13 August, with the 2023 event now just two months away. The City2Surf will see tens of thousands of runners take to the world famous 14km course between the CBD and Bondi Beach.

If you’d like to take part in the 2023 City2Surf and the Wonder Woman Guinness World Record attempt, here’s how to join:

  1. Click here to register for the 2023 City2Surf and join the Wonder Woman – Guinness World Record team
  2. Email wonderwomanworldrecord@gmail.com with your name and confirmation that you are registered to be counted
  3. Purchase a Wonder Woman costume
  4. Turn up on Sunday 13 August at the start line of the 2023 City2Surf

NB. Meeting point and start time to be confirmed